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Dental restoration

Having chipped, missing or broken teeth can have a real impact on your not just smile, but also the function of your teeth, the shape of your face and your own self-esteem. At Allen House Dental we have the skill and experience to offer patients several restoration methods depending on their needs.

There are two categories of dental restoration treatment. There are direct methods and there are indirect methods. When something is directly on a tooth to repair or restore it, like a filling, that is a direct treatment. When something is made by technicians to then fill in for a missing tooth like a dental implant, that is an indirect treatment. When you come to see our professional dentist, we will assess your restoration treatment needs.

Common dental restoration treatments


Using the latest techniques and good quality materials we offer our patients the best in fillings that are strong, durable and natural-looking. These materials along with our expert knowledge can disguise gaps, restore broken or chipped teeth and replace unsightly older style fillings. Just take a look at the photos posted on Facebook or Instagram pages regularly to see the great results our dentists have achieved with lovely reviews and feedback’s on our website.


Allen House Dental Practice also offers porcelain veneers. When you have a broken or discolored tooth that you are unhappy with, you can improve its appearance with a long-lasting and attractive porcelain veneer.

Missing teeth treatments

Possible missing teeth treatments might include crowns, bridges, dental implants and dentures (full or partial). We have experience in any of them and which one is best suited to your needs will be something you and our dental team will discuss.

While appearance is a big reason to have the work done, it is not the only one. Missing teeth can cause a loss in volume of the face, they can affect how you eat and how you talk, and the remaining teeth can become a problem as they lean into the gap left behind. People with missing teeth may also have more problems with gum disease and decay as food gets packed into the gap.

Crowns or cap

A crown also known as a cap goes on a tooth that is weak from decay, has a larger filling, or broken. They can also help improve the appearance of a tooth. It fits over the tooth and creates a natural look that fits in with the rest of your teeth. It can be made of metal or porcelain and returns the function and appearance of a tooth.


This dental restoration treatment option is one usually our dentist at Allen House uses when there are only a few teeth to replace, or when they are all on one side. They are effective at not just filling in for missing teeth but also to give strength to the teeth next to it. It is made of metal or porcelain. For a patient to be eligible to have a bridge our team will need to make sure you have strong enough teeth and bone support.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are not suitable for everyone but if your teeth are otherwise healthy and you have a good jawbone these are an alternative to bridges or dentures. They create new teeth with roots that are implanted into the jawbone and become natural-looking teeth that are comfortable and stay in place. We do have special offer guaranteed under £1,600 for single implant.


Many people remember their Grandma or favorite old uncle and the times they used to take out their dentures in odd places. Today dentures are much better than they once were, and we happily offer patients latest in material and denture design at our practice. They are more comfortable, more natural-looking and can give you a more confident smile you can be proud about.

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Feel free to contact us at any time – Allen House Dental is here to take care of your dental health. You can send us an email at info@allenhousedental.co.uk, call us on 01270 581024 or drop us a line on our Facebook page or Instagram.

Restorative Dentist in Crewe Dentist

If you need the restorative dentist in Crewe, then you are in the right place.

We are creating beautiful, healthy smiles in the heart of Crewe for over 40 years.

We’ve helped thousands of patients throughout this process. Take a look at our countless before & after’s below

If you need the restorative dentist in Crewe, then you are in the right place.

We are creating beautiful, healthy smiles in the heart of Crewe for over 40 years.

We've helped thousands of patients throughout this process. Take a look at our countless before & after's below









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