General Dentistry

General Dental Treatments

To keep your teeth in the best shape, and for your children too, it is important to have regular dentist checkups & hygiene appointments. Too often people put off a trip to the dentist for a variety of reasons, thinking since nothing was wrong, there was no urgency to the visit. But by visiting Allen House Dental practice for regular hygiene maintenance and check-ups you are doing what you need to do, to help prevent more serious and difficult work.

People take their cars in for MOTs every year to make sure their car is roadworthy and keep the car running but something as important as teeth and general oral health care is ignored by some. These routine visits get your oral hygiene well and healthier teeth with great looks. Should something need attention, our team of dentist immediately evaluate it and talk to you about it.

Why General Dentistry is Important

Allen House Dental is a clinic that has been established in Crewe since early 1980’s. We have a great dedicated team, from dentists to hygienists to ensure your teeth are in the safe hands. Whether you need dental restoration, help with oral hygiene, emergency treatment and something more, after a general check-up with us, we will ensure you get the correct treatment if required.

General dentistry common patient concerns

Our team at Hungerford Road, Crewe understands the importance of good general dentistry. Common general concerns our patients needing a dentist in Crewe, come in which include;

• Swollen, red or bleeding gums
• Dental decay that may require filling
• Bad breath
• Poor bite
• Sensitivity in your teeth
• Snoring
• A concern of damage from contact sports

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