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If you are looking for a general pediatric dentist in Crewe, Cheshire, then we are happy to offer our services here at Allen House Dental Practice. It is so important that parents introduce their children to a dentist from an early age so that they adjust to the process, and see us as people who are there to help. We know how essential it is to create a positive experience for them, and we have a lot of experience in pacifying younger patients.

We are proud to offer quality children’s general oral health in our practice! We will work with parents to set a great foundation in dental health care so your children have the best possible habits for their adulthood. Going to a dentist can be a scary for them and that makes it stressful for everyone. We will do our best to set the child at ease, give them time to adjust to us and work with you for their benefit. Our existing child patients feel safe & happy when they visit us. All children do get stickers in rewards for being a brave and proud child.

Pediatric Dentist, Cheshire

Allen House Dental truly has a team of qualified and experienced dentists with interest in children’s dental care and work with them in the best possible way. As well as helping to treat them, we are committed to teaching them too so that they understand that prevention like regular cleaning, is so important. Should a young patient come in needing emergency care to our practice, we will make sure we do everything we can to ease their discomfort, act in a caring and compassionate way and deal with the dental problem as quickly as we can.

Regular check-ups and education

With regular check-ups in our practice and following good routine at home, those tough emergency concerns can be prevented. We encourage you to set a good example for your children at home, make brushing and flossing something you do together. That combined with friendly and stress-free appointments with us will lead them to the best position as an adult. We have patients as young as one with their teeth just coming in!

The check-ups are kept as fun and as light as possible while we give them a check and try to educate them. At Allen House Dental we advise our younger patients to come in every 6 months. It keeps visits shorter, and they quickly adjust to the process. We use high-quality materials, the digital techniques and a team that understands children’s dentistry well.

Tips on preparing your child

• Spend some time before the visit building up the confidence and making it sound like a positive experience. Talk about taking a ride in a special dentist chair so we can count their teeth. Try to avoid promising things like it won’t hurt. Focus on the more fun things they will experience.

• Try not to promise expensive toys or money – imagine if you have to pay that out every visit! Instead, make it about the time you and they get to spend together. The new friends they will make with us.

• When seeing their dentist in Crewe, encourage them to boast about their teeth cleaning and talk about what else they do to look after their teeth, like avoiding sugary drinks, flossing, brushing after eating and such.

Get in touch with our team of dentist in Crewe

If you take a close look at our NHS list, you will see that children under 18 are exempt from payments. Feel free to contact us at any time – Allen House Dental is here to take care of your children’s dental health. You can send us an email at info@allenhousedental.co.uk, call us on 01270 581024 or find us on our Facebook page or Instagram.

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