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Dental check-up, Crewe

If you know you are due a check-up but have been putting it off and are not sure where to see a dentist in Crewe, then coming to Allen House Dental is a great place to start. We welcome all patients from the very young to the seniors and our team is happy to assist you with all your dental needs. It is important to have regular check-ups to make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy, and to catch any problems early. When our dental team sees you regularly (once or twice a year) they can help prevent small problems become bigger and more complicated.

What does a dental check-up look like?

With our dental practice established in Crewe, the visit starts in our friendly and welcoming reception area. We know some people become anxious about seeing a dentist so our efforts to keep you calm and feeling welcome begins straight away upon your arrival.

Dental Hygienist

After a short period of waiting you will then seen by one of our experienced Clinicians. At Allen House Dental Practice our Hygienists are qualified trained professionals who plays a vital role in maintaining your oral hygiene and some therapy work prescribed by our Dentists. They offer soft and deep oral cleaning as required by the individual patients. They will check your medical history or any concerns or changes observed and give honest and very professional advice. Whilst cleaning, scaling and polishing is totally independent oral care and usually initiates post dental check-up, but most patients have it done at 6 monthly regular appointments as this gives more confident smile.

Examination of the teeth

With the regular teeth cleaning, it is easier for the dentist to do a proper examination and identify any concerns with routine check-ups. The Hygienist or Dentist will look at things like inflammation, gum redness, look for softening in the teeth and so on. We will note any areas of concern that might need monitoring more closely. A dental check-up then offer free x-ray so we can check below the surface, and we can track changes next time we see you as every thing gets noted in your patient history.

Discussion between the team and the patient

After this is done we will then talk about anything we may have observed, any concerns you have, or any treatments that might be required. Often with check-ups, we offer you advice on what changes to make at home, and we are also happy to schedule further appointment for 6 monthly follow ups and recalls.

Back to the reception area

Finally, you can head back to the reception area of Allen House Dental where we can make your next appointment for you right away. Doing it this way is more effective as our receptionist tends to give a reminder call and text messages 5 & 2 days prior to your appointment day such that you keep getting regular check-ups with us and stay diligent about your oral health care.

We also offer free consultations

At our 40 years old traditional practice, dentists are happy to offer complimentary consultations for patients that need to talk further about their treatment plans especially Implants/crowns/veneers etc. At Allen House Dental we are happy to answer questions and talk about prices and payment plans if needed. We can talk about the various options you have and come up with a plan that best suits you. We do offer 0% finance options for 12 months period and other finance options if required for longer terms (TBC)

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us at any time – Allen House Dental is here to take care of your dental health. You can send us an email at info@allenhousedental.co.uk, call us on 01270 581024 or message us on our Facebook page.

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