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Dental Implants Crewe: Revive Your Smile with Expert Care

Having missing teeth can have a direct impact on the teeth around the gap, restrictions to how and what you can eat, your appearance, even the shape of your face, and how you talk. That can then affect your confidence and how you project yourself to others. That is why when patients come to our dental practice in Crewe, one of the options we might discuss to fix missing teeth, are dental implants. Again, we do offer 0% Interest-free Finance options if patients seek funding for their treatments. Please call us today to find out more details.

Dental implants are a fixed alternative to dentures either partial or complete, or bridges, but they are not suitable for every case. In consultation with our expert, we will consider your suitability and sustainability. This treatment option is one of the most successful of the restoration processes we offer at Allen House Dental. We are proud to offer one of the leading market implant systems from Implantium. We do offer Nobel & Straumann system’s if patient insists.

What exactly is a dental implant?

Essentially a titanium metal root is made for the missing tooth and it is put into the jawbone. Then when ready we attach an artificial tooth to that metal root. Not all general dentists are able to offer this procedure, which is why many dentists will refer their patients to our longstanding dental practice in Crewe. Our dental clinic is proud to offer this highly skilled procedure to our patients whether one tooth or full mouth implants.

NobelActive enables immediate implant placement and Immediate Function where it might otherwise be challenging.

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Who can get them and how does it work?

People need to have otherwise healthy gums, bone and teeth and be in good general health to get dental implants. Our experienced implant dentist will look at your medical history and talk about whether you can get it done. If you are not a candidate for this treatment, we assure you there are alternatives. Here is an overview of the treatment process at our Hungerford Road based dental surgery.

1. An examination of your mouth including free x-rays to confirm you can have this treatment. In all cases, we ask you to get a CBCT Scan at an additional cost of around £100-£300 depending on number of implants desired and this will give a clearer picture of your individual case.

2. We place a dental implant during surgery into your jawbone in the gum tissue, which is then stitched up and allowed to heal. Over that time the bone and the implant will bond. This part can take a few months.

3. During the implant stage or after healing our dentist will attach a post to the implant.

4. We fix the tailor-made tooth that was made to replace your own to that post. It can take more than one visit with us at Allen House Dental Practice. If there is more than one teeth to replace then the implants are fixed to a bridge.

5. Patient heals and enjoys teeth that look and feel natural making sure to follow our instructions on how to look after them.

Why Get Dental Implants in Crewe from Allen House Dental

Feel and look better with a long-term solution for missing teeth. We have years of dedicated commitment to the treatment of our patients and dental implants may be the answer you are looking for. Once finished it is just like having regular teeth. You clean them brushing and flossing as you do the rest of your teeth. As anyone else, we offer full mouth implants all the way down to just a single tooth with guaranteed prices, agreed prior to starting your treatment. In addition, we offer all our patients 0% finance options in case our patients can’t fulfill their dreams just due to lack of money not readily available.

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