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There are many important reasons to keep your teeth and gums healthy with a clean mouth. An improved smile makes you feel more confident and more attractive of course, but there are many other benefits. Not having to worry about bad breath when talking to someone, not being in pain, being able to eat what you want, being able to talk properly to name a few more. At Allen House Dental we promise expert hygienist services, as part of your approach to better oral health. We now even provide dedicated Saturday hygienist, to have your scale, polish and teeth cleaning done over the weekends, especially if you are going out over the weekends. Just from £49.95, you can either walk-in or call us on 01270-581024

Prevention is the best approach!

When it comes to having great teeth and healthy gums the best approach is prevention. We understand this and encourage you to make visiting our dental hygienist, Crewe part of your regular routine in dental care. Our team of experts includes the services a top dental hygienist can provide as well as the kind of care and cleaning you should be following at home. By looking after your teeth and gums and preventing problems before they happen you can keep having a smile you are proud to show and avoid painful situations.

Get rid of plaque build-up

One of the oldest established dental practice in Cheshire, Allen House Dental has more than four decades of experience, knowledge, and skill. Brushing first time right, at least twice a day goes a long way to keeping gum disease and tooth decay at bay, but sometimes especially if you do not have aligned teeth, there can still be a build-up of plaque. Add to that foods and drinks that are harder on your teeth like red wine, coffee, and smoking, it makes sense to pay regular 6 monthly visit to our dental hygienist to help the process. We always on top of our patients in recalling so, you don’t even need to remember your last visit as we will write to you when you are due for your next visit.

Letting plaque build-up is not a good idea for a variety of reasons. There are bacteria in it that increase the risk of disease. We are happy to offer expert cleaning, scaling and polishing services to all our patients. The cleaning techniques and tools we use are kept up to date and with regular visits, you can stay plaque-free.

A brighter polished smile

In addition to removing the plaque our hygienist services in Crewe, Cheshire; also offer skilled air polishing. This can help lift some of the staining using an abrasive that is mild so that no damage is done, but it starts acting straight away. You can get great results in just a few minutes of treatment with us. It is a simple procedure, done after the cleaning and descaling and it leaves your teeth brighter and looking a lot better.

Come to the best Dentist in Cheshire

Our dental hygienist in Crewe is the best you can find in the area. Our priority is to make you feel comfortable and to help you better achieve the smile and oral health you hope for. We are just a quick call away and you could be talking about the dental services you need in just a few short minutes. Be healthier, pain-free, more confident. Come see the team at Allen House Dental practice.

Contact us at any time on 01270 581024, send us an email at info@allenhousedental.co.uk, or drop us a message on our Facebook page.

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