Restoring Your Natural Smile After Tooth Decay

According to the latest statistics, millions of people around the world are suffering from tooth decay. Missing teeth, as well as decayed teeth, are affecting the self-esteem of people. Additionally, they can also affect the way we eat.

The good news is that there are a few things that people can do to fight this problem. We will use this blog post to share some of the effective solutions that are offered by reliable dentists.

Dental Fillings: A good way to stop decay in the beginning

There’s a good chance that you know something about the first solution we are about to present. As a matter of fact, fillings have proven to be the most effective method to stop tooth decay in the beginning. That’s before the decay turns into a dangerous disease. In case you are worried about your appearance, you’ll be glad to hear that modern fillings come with matching colours – just like the specific colour of your teeth.


In some cases, dentists are suggesting crowns. They usually do this when there’s a large area of your tooth that has been ablated as a result of decay. So, the crowns are moulded and made in a way which will match the shape and size of your natural teeth. Dentists often use crowns after root canal therapy because the regular filling is unable to cover the hole that comes as a result of this process. It’s good to know that crowns today are based on different materials including resin, gold, porcelain, and ceramics.

Dental inlays

This is another solution that can help you with tooth decay. In case the surface or enamel of the tooth is damaged and a standard filling can’t help you, it may be a good idea to use dental inlays. What’s great is that these inlays are designed in a way which allows them to follow the contour of the tooth and ultimately restore it.


There are situations where the tooth is so damaged that dentists can’t use the regular restorative techniques. In situations like that, dentists often advise a full tooth extraction. There’s no doubt that this is a good option especially when the tooth is affected by an infection and there’s a chance that the infection could affect other teeth and the gums.

Dental Implants

In case you miss more than one tooth, dental implants can be your ultimate option. Every dental implant has a unique shape that matches the rest of the teeth. They are surgically placed to the bone of the jaw. Once the bone accepts the implant, the artificial tooth/teeth will be placed. Implants used today are based on very durable materials and with the right care they can last forever. It’s great that they look like real teeth.

There are many options for those who want to restore their natural smile after tooth decay. It’s up to you and your dentist to pick the right solution for your situation.

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