Protecting Your Child’s Oral Health

Thousands of children in the UK are back to school. They are wearing their clean uniforms, using their clean stationery sets and well-organized PE kits. However, according to the Oral Health Foundation, many British children will once again head to school without taking care of their teeth problems.

In many cases, children are heading to school without brushing their teeth thoroughly in the morning. Some of them are eating unhealthy, sugary and/or sticky snacks before they leave their homes. Unfortunately, the official statistics have shown that every third child in the UK will start their first day in school this year with tooth decay. What’s ironic is that tooth decay can be avoided. The good thing is that with the help of proper education, children can keep their teeth safe.

Now let’s check some tips that can help you protect your children’s oral health:

Prepare them while they are young

Parents should start brushing the teeth of their baby from the moment they notice their first teeth. They should do this on a daily basis. In addition, schedule an appointment with a reputable dentist to check the development of your child’s teeth. The dentist will provide useful tips too.

Two minutes two times a day

This is the basic rule that every child should learn – brush your teeth before you go to bed and once you wake up. Use fluoride toothpaste. Parents should monitor their parents while they are brushing their teeth until they are sure that the children have mastered this activity. In most cases, children around the age of seven have developed a habit to brush their teeth two minutes two times a day.

Let them choose the toothpaste

As you are probably aware, toothpaste come in different flavours and children can be quite picky. So, it’s a good idea to let them choose the toothpaste. Of course, the toothpaste must have a suitable amount of fluoride. According to the experts, children under three years should use a toothpaste with 1000 parts per million (fluoride level) or more. Children who are three years old or older should use toothpaste that comes with at least 1350 parts per million.

Taking care of their diet

The way your children eat affects the oral health too. Help your children learn how to pack a healthy lunch, snacks, and drinks. Skip sugary products and carbonated drinks and support breadsticks, fruit, veggies, and cheese. They should learn what a good food is from the earliest age.

Pick the right toothbrush

Opt for a small or medium-sized toothbrush with soft or medium bristles. Of course, you should change the toothbrush on a regular basis, from the moment you notice that the bristles are worn or after an illness.

Make them use a straw

Water, milk, and yogurt are healthy drinks and your children should know that. In case they want to use sugary drinks from time to time, make them use a straw. In this way, the acid and sugar won’t get in touch with their teeth and gums and you will avoid teeth problems in your children.

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