Can I Get Braces As An Adult?

The answer is YES. The fact is that there is no age limit for adults who want to get braces. Numerous studies and practical cases have shown that braces are promising positive results to people who have teeth irregularities that can be fixed with the help of this treatment. From misaligned bite and compounded canines to crooked teeth, braces can help any adult bring back the smile on their faces.

There is more than one good reason why an adult person should consider using braces. The basic reason is to get rid of alignment irregularities, but many people want to boost their self-confidence in this way too. According to the British Orthodontist Society, more than half of 12-year old children have kept their smiles due to the fact that they have teeth issues.

Even though we don’t have a survey like this focused on adults, we are sure that the adult people feel the same. It makes sense because if you felt this way while you were growing, there’s a great chance that you will feel the same when you are an adult individual. In other words, treating problems with teeth like this is worth it.

What does the process look like?

First of all, you will have to talk to an orthodontist. This consultation involves questions about your dental record as well as a clinical checkup which includes x-rays, photos and digital impression of your teeth.

In this way, the orthodontist is able to conclude whether you need braces and what kind of braces suit you the most. In some cases, they find that a retainer is a better solution.

After that, the braces will be made and fitted. Typically, patients have to wear them for between one and three years, but it all depends on your condition. In case the length of this treatment makes you feel uncomfortable, you should know that there are other solutions too.

The science behind braces

Braces work in a very simple way. They are applying pressure and gradually creating the wanted correction by repositioning the teeth. The progress of the procedure is checked with the help of orthodontic follow-up appointments conducted on a regular basis.

Once the braces are removed, the patient has to wear a retainer. In the beginning, they will have to wear it all the time, but after a while, the retainer is worn only overnight.

Are there any issues or side effects?

Keep in mind that the same process is used on every patient regardless of their age. However, there is an increased risk of pre-existing gum disease to spread with age. That’s why it will probably be necessary to conduct some hygiene activity before the braces are fitted. In some cases, patients can experience bleeding gums.

It’s uncommon for kids, especially the ones that are under 10 to have bleeding gums which is a sign of periodontitis or gingivitis.

But, the risk of developing a periodontitis or gingivitis as an adult is much higher. According to the NHS, more than 50% of all UK adults have a gum disease.

Luckily, this is not a serious issue because pre-existing conditions can be treated quickly before the braces are fitted. A simple hygiene treatment in a dental clinic and/or an in-home programme can help patients get rid of these problems. After all, taking care of these problems will contribute to your overall dental health which is obviously a good thing.

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