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Allen House Dental – The Original Family Dentist in Crewe

Located in the heart of Crewe, Allen House Dental is a family practice offering high-quality dental services, including Acupuncture for our nervous patients only. Our friendly and gentle dental team is dedicated to providing holistic dental services for patients from North-East and North-West England, including Wales, Preston, Manchester, London, and surrounding areas.

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Why Choose Allen Dental?

Whether you have just moved into town or you’re looking for a new dentist in Crewe, you must be wondering why Allen House Dental should be your choice. Here are a few reasons why Allen House Dental is the best dental practice in Crewe.


Patient - Centred Treatment

At, we believe in not just treating the symptoms but holistically diagnosing the root cause and treating it permanently. Our Crewe dentists prepare customised treatment plans for every patient based on their individual dental needs. As a result, the outcome of our treatment not only restores optimal functions but also improves the smile and facial aesthetics.


Cutting-Edge Innovation

We believe that mastery of dental skills and state-of-the-art dental equipment is necessary to provide the best dental treatment to our esteemed patients. That is why we take pride in having the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment like digital x-rays, CBCT, and crowns. As a result, Allen House Dental offers the perfect blend of high-class dentistry and the latest technology.


Comfortable & Gentle Dental Services

We understand that the foremost requirement of dental patients is a painless and comfortable treatment. Therefore, as soon as you step into our practice, you will be greeted by our friendly dental team, who will guide you to our purpose-built and comfortable waiting area. While waiting for your appointment, you can enjoy reading a magazine, listening to music, or watching your favourite movie on the TV. Besides, our Crewe dentists are experienced in providing pain-free and gentle dental services to our patients.


Affordable Treatment & Flexible Payment Solutions

At Allen House Dental, we understand that dental treatment can be expensive. That is why we have partnered with all the major insurance companies in the UK. So that you can utilise your benefits for your treatment – and don’t have to pay from your pocket. In addition, we offer flexible payment plans for patients who do not have insurance coverage, including 0% Finance, to break the payments into smaller, easily manageable instalments. The idea is to ensure that every resident of Crewe has access to affordable dental care.

Dental Treatments

At Allen House Dental, you will find all dental services for your entire family under one roof – from professional teeth cleaning to dental fillingsultrasonic scaling, crowns & bridges, dentures, cosmetic dentistry, composite veneers, orthodontics and normal and complex implant cases.

Dental Implant

A dental implant is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking to replace a missing tooth or teeth. With a dental implant, you’ll enjoy a natural look and feel that will let you smile with confidence.

Cosmetic Dentistry

This professional oral care method focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth, giving you a brighter, more dazzling smile.


Looking for a straighter smile? Orthodontics may be the dental specialty for you! Our dentists can help correct misaligned teeth and jaws, giving you the confident smile you deserve.

We’re Trusted By Your Neighbours & Friends

Being one of the longest-serving dental practices in Crewe (since 1982), Allen House Dental has garnered a reputation as a premium dental care service in town – and our patient reviews are a testament to our commitment to serving and bringing smiles to the community. 

Whether your kids need Invisalign treatment or you need implants for tooth replacement, we have one of the best dentists in Crewe to take care of your entire family’s needs. So, please book an appointment today and let us give your whole family a beautiful, healthy, and lasting smile.

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