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Orthodontics is a term used to describe a dental specialization focused on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of inadequate bites which come as a result of jaw misalignment and tooth irregularities. At Allen House Dental, we provide a wide array of orthodontic procedures including Oralign Clear, Oralign Original, and Oralign Advance. These invisible braces can help you improve your appearance and the functionality of your teeth. Of course, our experience and expertise promise that you will get the best possible results. Now let’s see what you can expect from these invisible braces.

Oralign Clear

These Oralign orthodontic appliances represent transparent aligners. Their job is to reposition crooked teeth in a gentle and non-aggressive manner. If they are applied right and if the patient uses them in the right way, they can expect excellent results.

Keep in mind that using Oralign Clear is not recommended to every patient. That’s why we have free consultations for our patients where our dentist will check the situation in your oral cavity. The results provided by Oralign Clear may come a little bit later compared to other similar appliances, but they are almost completely invisible which gives you an opportunity to correct your appearance without making any visible changes during the process.

Oralign Original

Another popular orthodontic procedure that we have in our offer requires the use of Oralign Original. Namely, Oralign Original is another custom made appliance that relies on high-quality, modern dental materials. With their help, Oralign was able to create a small, barely visible appliance that has the power to straighten the teeth without interfering with your everyday routine and without changing your appearance during the process.

Oralign Original relies on lightweight metal springs that apply pressure to the left and right side of the teeth that have to be aligned. We are talking about subtle biological and physiological forces that shape the teeth in the right way.

Oralign Advance

Oralign Advance is a modern fixed appliance that relies on transparent brackets of the highest quality. It has very light arch wires and it is almost impossible to notice it.  After a short training, patients will learn how to place bands, wipe brackets and wires and keep their Oralign Advance appliances safe.

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