We provide the very latest in restorative materials which blend naturally to the colour and contour of your teeth. With developments in technology composite tooth coloured fillings are very strong and durable and usually require less preparation. They can be used to help disguise gaps between teeth and restore broken, chipped or fractured teeth. Composites can also be used to replaced unsightly amalgam fillings, see our Smile Gallery for some of our fantastic results.


A crown is a porcelain or metal case that fits over a tooth. It encases the tooth and completely covers the visible part of the tooth up to the gum line. They are particularly useful for protecting a weak or a very broken down tooth. Many people have root canal treatment which may result in a heavily restored tooth, research has shown that these teeth are best treated long term with placement of a custom made crown.

Crowns can transform fractured and failing restored teeth back to function. See our Smile Gallery for more information.


A dental bridge is made by putting crowns on the teeth either side of a gap where a tooth is missing. These two crowns are then joined together by placing a false tooth in the space. This is all made by our local dental laboratory specialists and then the bridge is cemented in place permanently.

Bridges can also be made from porcelain which are metal free. They give a fantastic and natural appearance.

In order for a bridge to be successful you must have good bone support with strong enough teeth to support the bridge.

Discussion with the dental team will help you to make a decision on the best treatment for you. A bridge should last for many years as long it is cleaned daily and your gums are healthy.

Treatments are available on finance, contact one of our team for more information.


If you have missing teeth or a denture you are unhappy with, smile with confidence again with our range of cosmetic dentures.

Traditionally dentures are made from acrylic or metal materials, with advancement in modern technology we also now offer flexible dentures that are both extremely comfortable but also very strong. Working with our dental technicians we can provide you with a natural smile to be proud of.

Replacement of missing teeth can greatly improve the overall appearance of your mouth, preventing your muscles sagging and giving support and volume to your face.

Ask one of our dedicated dental team for a consultation or email for more information.

Root Canal Treatment

If teeth become damaged and infected through trauma, failing fillings or deep decay root canal treatment may be the only option to save and retain a tooth. The tooth is cleaned of infection and a rubber seal placed within the tooth to stop the infection reoccurring.

Often the tooth may require a crown for long term strength and protection.

All our dental practitioners provide root canal treatment using the latest in endodontic technology to provide the highest level of treatment comfort and success.

We also provide 0% finance to help spread the cost of treatments, Terms and Condition apply. Call one of our team for more information or email us at